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At Select, we take pride in our ability to respond quickly to the needs of our Clients and their events. Our diverse rental inventory of tent, structure and accessory options allows us to meet those needs with the highest level of professionalism.

High Peak Frame

Our High Peak style tents offer a look similar to the more traditional pole tents but with no interference inside of the tent uprights, and with the stability of a frame tent. Whether you are looking for a tent option for concessions, vendors, tailgating or backyard parties, the high peak takes you a step above the expected.

Tension Pole

Select has a wide variety of tension pole tent options ranging in widths from 30’ to 120’. The high peaks and curves keep this option among our clients’ favorites from year to year. You can see the utility and appeal of these tents. 

Sperry Sailcloth

Select Event Group is the exclusive provider of Sperry Tents in Maryland, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. Sperry is the original tent manufacturer of genuine, handsewn sailcloth. Where others use vinyl, Sperry uses the original product shared by sailing vessels. The soft canopy allows for natural lighting to come through creating a beautiful glow.  The support poles are real, hand-milled spruce wood, not wrapped aluminum. With elegant, curved lines and a natural glow, the Sperry sailcloth tent is a beautiful choice for any occasion.

Frame Tents

Frame Tents are a popular choice due to their ability to maximize the under-the-top space. Unlike pole tents, which require center poles for proper installation, the rafter and crown hardware of the frame tent keeps the top aloft and shaped without creating any obstructions at ground level.


Timbertrac is an aesthetically pleasing option with a charming craftsman-style construction. With a faux-wood finish, this product provides style and structure with secure aluminum beams.

Small Scale Structures

Our small scale structures come in 3m (10’), to 18m (60’) widths and offer a clearspan option for smaller venues and applications. Compatible with our full line of accessories from glass wall and doors to heating and air conditioning, all structures are engineered to current ASCE standards.

Mid Scale Structures

Available in widths of 17.5m (57’) to 30m (100’), out mid-scale selection offers a strong and efficient option for your event. Configured in many ways to include porches, glass wall, internal dividers and more, all structures are engineered to current ASCE standards.

Large Scale Structures

Our large scale structures are designed to be stronger than other structures of similar size and beam profile on the market. Available in widths of 30m (100’), to 50m (164’), and a side upright height of 4m (13’) or 5m (16’), our large scale structures are perfect for your largest event needs. All structures are engineered to current ASCE standards.

Double Decker

Select’s Double Decker platform was specially designed to be more versatile than other systems currently on the market. The platform can be built in widths beginning with 7.5m (24.5’) and increasing in 2.5m (8’) increments to meet your needs. Our platform was also specially designed to receive any of our structures to enclose the second level. The double decker can be built with recessed porches, interior/exterior stairways and many other options. The platform is engineered to current ASCE standards.

Large Scale Floors

Select provides complete in-house flooring services and scaffolding. All Select floors over 5’ are accompanied with a site specific, stamped engineered drawing. Select is proud of the track record we have established with our clients in providing high quality & safe elevated flooring solutions! 

Medium Scale Floors

Available in 4’ x 4’ sections, our raised flooring sections are perfect for slight elevation needs without the engineered design of our scaffolding system.

Laydown Floors

Made from HDPE plastic, our stage/ground level flooring is designed for speed and ease of installation. There are no hinges to break or pieces to be inserted, just slide and lock. The load capacity will easily accommodate heavy vehicles, machinery, tents, and structures.

Flooring Accessories

Need Flooring or floor cover options? From lay-down floors to elevated scaffold floors as high as you need, we’ve got you covered! We have access to a wide range of carpet and vinyl floor coverings as well as hard/faux wood options.  


Upright AC Units

Climate control is an integral part of any event, festival, or convention. Our upright AC units are designed to fit around our various styles of tent walls, providing a seamless look to your space. We create a comfortable and consistent temperature for any sized event.

Ductable AC Units

Keeping your guests comfortable in the summer heat can be a big task. Our ductable AC units are up to the challenge. With no visible machinery in the event space, your guests will never hear or see them.  Designed for optimal climate control with variable fan speeds, it’s the perfect way to keep cool.

Indirect-Fired Heaters

For larger tents and spaces, our indirect units are a perfect match. With the indirect-fired heating process, your space will be comfortably heated, minus any fumes.

Electric Heaters

Mobile and fast to install, our electric heaters are perfect for smaller tents and spaces. No fumes, no flames, and no fuss. Electric heaters are a great option for your event needs.

Silenced Generators

Select carries a full range of electrical power generation and distribution equipment. Our silenced generators are designed with event versatility in mind. Contact us today about your project, and let us customize a solution for you!


Select offers a wide range of rental accessories to complement your tenting/structure needs. Choose from lighting of all styles, glass and hard wall, dance floors, staging, sub-flooring, bleachers, carpeting, ceiling liners, leg skirts, railing, portable restrooms, and more.

Manufacturing & Design

Our internal manufacturing & design teams allow us to provide an additional layer of service to our clients. Our design team can assist in the planning and sales process providing our clients with 3-D renderings and fly-throughs. Our manufacturing team ensures that we have the quality and quantity of inventory needed to meet our clients’ needs. Whether you are looking to create a small transition panel between adjacent buildings or to construct an entirely custom building, our team can take you there.

Custom Solutions

Working collaboratively, our design and manufacturing teams can provide custom solutions for any event requirement. We can create endless design and branding options for your clients and events. Share your goals with us and our team can create customized solutions tailored to fit your needs. Additionally, having these in-house capabilities allows us to react to emergent client needs in the ever-changing event world.

Experienced, Safety-Driven Staff

The Tents, Structures & Flooring team of incredibly talented foremen, technicians, and crew are well-versed in all of our structure, flooring, power and climate control rental products, and make safety a priority.

Along with our sales and operations teams, we take pride on the ambition, drive, creativity, responsiveness, and reliability of each member and an enthusiasm around outdoor events.

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