Sperry Tents

Sperry Tents

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Select Event Group is the exclusive provider of Sperry Tents in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. Sperry Tents is the creator of the genuine sailcloth tent.

Learn to spot The Sperry Difference…
  • Handsewn and crafted from genuine sailcloth – not vinyl.
  • Translucent, natural ivory canopy creates trademark glow.
  • Supported by hand-milled spruce center poles.
  • Utilizes true sail making details…
    • Nylon ropes, grommets, Dacron sailcloth
  • Topped by waving pennant flags to catch the wind.
  • Rooted in the Sperry family’s sail making heritage.

Contact our team today to discuss renting this gorgeous tent for your upcoming event.

Phone: (301) 604-2334

sperry tents
sperry sailcloth tent

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