Employee Spotlight: Baltazar Bolanos

Employee Spotlight: Baltazar Bolanos

Employee Spotlight

Baltazar ‘Balti’ Bolanos is a Select Event Group legend. He has been a team captain of sorts for the past two decades. Balti is always up for a laugh and we would never believe anyone who said they saw him without a smile on his face. Along with several members of his incredible extended family, Balti has been an invaluable part of our growth over the years and continue to help us build a better future here at Select. In every way, Balti is the type of employee you wish you could clone. In the absence of that ability, we are always open to hiring the next Bolanos! Balti is one of the people who give Select its charisma and hardworking characteristics – just by being himself and radiating those traits to anyone around him. Read more on our Employee Spotlight, Baltazar Bolanos.

What was it like when Wheaton was first bought and became Select? 

Wheaton was a very small company. We were a group of eight.  When Select came, we shot up like a rocket! Never knew what to expect next. Marty Ortenzio came in and made changes that improved our day to day.  Vince Cook took the lead working with me in the beginning. I always enjoyed time with him, and I owe him for giving me a chance to move forward in my career. I also liked that I got to help change the company.  My ideas were supported and implemented. 

One of the most special aspects is that I get to work with so many of my family members. We all had a common goal, and it has brought us closer.  This can be a tough industry and having someone you know so well by your side makes it a little easier. 

What is the biggest difference you notice in the event industry today versus when you began?

When I first started, the biggest tents we had were Pushpoles. Now it’s all structures and the jobs keep getting bigger and bigger. Sky is the limit!

You’ve had a career that has allowed you to touch just about every part of the operation over the years, do you have a favorite role or part of the job? 

I like where I am now, as Operations Area Manager. The field was fun, but at the yard (large outdoor warehouse in Baltimore) I touch all the jobs, not just one. I have a better sense of where we are as a company from here.  

What excites you about Select today and where do you see it going in the years ahead? 

I like being one of the big guys in an industry that’s exploding.  Even in the worst times, we’ve thrived.  I don’t think we’ll stop growing anytime soon.

If you were to share one thought with someone exploring the event industry as a profession, what would it be?

Be ready for anything. You never know what’s coming!

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