Employee Spotlight: Robin deKowzan

Employee Spotlight: Robin deKowzan

Employee Spotlight

There is no spotlight big or bright enough to encompass the breadth and depth of impact that Robin deKowzan has had here at Select Event Group over the years. From accounting to human resources to employee advocacy/development, Robin has been a part of every Select employee’s experience, directly or indirectly, since before it was Select! Robin worked for Wheaton Party Rental when it was purchased in 2000, and became Select Event Group. Through the years, Robin has provided unparalleled dependability and consistency. For our inaugural employee spotlight, it seems fitting to let our event community get to know Robin a little better!  

Robin, tell us a bit about your career:    

I have worked in the rental industry since I was 21 years old – all of my adult life, more than 37 years now. In the beginning I was in the Accounting Department, and also helped out in the tool rental shops at the counter some Saturdays during busy season. I learned to turn around lawnmowers and tillers in record time, change the oil, blow out the filters, gas them up and back out the door to the next customer! It was fun and felt like a great adventure at the time. I was the HR Department for 16 years and met and worked with many wonderful people and still here from some former co-workers from as long as 25 years ago. It is sometimes surprising and always gratifying to hear years later how some small thing you may have done touched another person’s life. I have learned a lot over the years. This industry and it’s people have blessed my life and I feel fortunate to have been around through good, bad and challenging times. I can’t wait to see what comes next!  

What was it like when Wheaton was first bought and became Select?    

It was a brand new world, going from what was considered a “mom & pop” family operation to Marty’s vision of a more structured, corporate atmosphere.  Marty watched how we did things for about a year and then gave us the tools and knowledge to be better and of course bigger, it was a smart transition.

What is the biggest difference you notice in the event industry today versus when you began?    

The sky’s the limit, if it can be imagined it can be accomplished. Our teams have facilitated and produced monumental events! 

You’ve had a career that has allowed you to touch just about every part of the operation over the years, do you have a favorite role or part of the job?   

 I’ve always worn many hats no matter what I was assigned, some positions were more challenging than others but I wouldn’t change any of it and did my best to do my best and enjoy each chapter.  Having pretty much come full circle, I’m enjoying where I am right now.

You mention being excited to see what comes next! Post-Covid do you have any predictions or thoughts about where you see events going?    

I’m proud of the way Select has been able to change direction and flourish in the past year; helping many literally survive.  I think that remote and fieldwork will stick around to a certain extent and that continued social distancing may promote larger venues and structures to accommodate large crowds. Clients will be hungry for everything we’ve missed this past year but may continue to be more cautious. 

If you were to share one thought with someone exploring the event industry as a profession, what would it be?    

 It can be hard work and long hours but the rewards are great, enjoy every minute!

Thank you, Robin, for your continued service to the event industry. We’re lucky to have you. Stay tuned for our next Employee Spotlight.

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