Tent Spotlight: Clear Top Tent

Tent Spotlight: Clear Top Tent

Tents, Structures & Flooring

Is a Clear Top Tent Right for Your Event?

You’ve seen them all over social media and in wedding blogs everywhere…the Clear Top tent!

With its translucent ceiling panels and open feel, the stunning Clear Top tent is bound to be a great choice for your next event. Let’s take a look at the beautiful features this tent offers and the best time of year to utilize it.

Bringing the Outside In

One of the most popular reasons to consider this gorgeous tent is to bring the outside in. If your event is surrounded by gorgeous scenery – the Clear Top tent allows your guests to feel as if they are immersed in the surrounding nature, all while being protected from the elements.

Dress it Up or Down

On its own, the Clear Top tent is a statement piece. Like a great dress that can be worn casually during the day and then dressed up at night with jewelry and heels, this tent is lovely on its own or with a little added flare. One way to dress up the Clear Top tent is to add fabric draping.  The fabric provides a soft and romantic feel.

Adding lighting to a Clear Top tent is a classic way to enhance your guests’ experience – and there are several ways to do this.  One option is to include uplighting on linen draped support poles, which adds depth and personalization to your event aesthetics. String sparkly or market lights along the canopy of the tent to add a whimsical feel to your event. 

Another creative way to dress up this tent is to literally bring the outside in. Drape greenery or hang impactful floral installations to add color and make a statement.

And don’t think you have to choose just one, be playful, and mix and match to create you ideal event aesthetic!

Clear Sightlines

Another perk to the Clear Top tent is the ability to provide guests with unobstructed views of the entire event. Because there are no support beams on the interior of the tent, it is easier to create a seamless layout best suited for your event.

Protection from the Elements

Sometimes rain, leaves, and chilly or hot air try to crash your tented event. Side walls on your main tent help to keep these unwanted event crashers out. Plus, adding tents to cover traffic areas will help to enhance the entire event experience. The Clear Top tent is available in nearly every size, perfect for versatility.

Spring & Fall are Best

The clear panels on Clear Top tents create a “greenhouse effect” where the suns rays come in but then do not leave the tent as easily, making it about 20 degrees warmer within the interior of the tent. On a cool day or evening, this is a welcomed and a cost-effective way to warm up the tent for guests.

However, during warmer months, these tents can create too much heat. Some work arounds for this are to have the event in the evening when weather is cooler or below a large tree that provides ample shade. You can also add side panels and A/C to help compete against the heat, though this can significantly increase the cost. Finally, another option would be to cover the panels with tarp then just before the event, the tarps can be pulled. This helps regulate the temperature somewhat.

On the other end of the temperature spectrum, if temperatures are going to be 30 degrees Fahrenheit or below, the clear panels risk cracking during or after install. Heat can be added, for an additional cost, to help avoid cracking.

Because of the heating and cooling challenges that can arise, Spring and Fall are the ideal times of year to get the most out of a Clear Top tent. With it’s stand-on-its-own or enhancing capabilities, the Clear Top tent is not only a beautiful choice but also a versatile one.

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