European Collection

European Collection

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Introducing our European Collection, an effortless combination of old-world elegance and farmhouse chic that is sure to enhance your event experience. Our collection is all about neutral colors, tufted fabrics, and flowing lines. Let’s escape to the French countryside and explore the European Collection further…

Weathered Finishes

The classic French elegance is merged with a rustic, natural wood creating a balance between beauty and comfort. The Elizabeth Cane Back and Chateau Loveseat are perfect as part of a sweetheart table or paired with other pieces to create a lounge area. So many options!

Slim Profiles

Another characteristic of our European Collection is furniture with slim profiles, adding to an event but not overwhelming the space. The Sloane Grey, Linen Ivory and Chateau Chairs are perfect to mix-n-match to create eclectic seating arrangements.

Tufted Fabrics

Bring on the luxury! The Tufted Ivory Chair and Maxwell Sofa bring a natural elegance, event guests will be sure to feel transported to another time and place while relaxing on these pieces. Add the Evan or Khoe Bench to elevate the event space further!

All the Curves

Flowing furniture lines and rounded features provide a smooth transition from piece to piece. Feel like royalty while sitting in the Eman or King Chairs.

Complete the Look

The table setting of an event plays a significant role in conveying its vision. When creating a tablescape that embodies the French countryside, aim to strike a balance between rustic and elegant. Think natural wood, cheerful pastels, curved lines, and distinctive glassware and flatware. Nothing says French romance like gilded candleholders. Pair them with pale blue tapered candles to complete the look. Go on, get playful!

Make it a Tented Affair

With elegant, curved lines, and a natural glow, the Sperry sailcloth tent is a perfect fit in France’s countryside. Crafted from genuine, handsewn sailcloth and hand-milled spruce wood support poles perfectly combine the themes combination of rustic and elegance. Select Event Group is the exclusive provider of Sperry Tents in Maryland, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. Learn to spot the Sperry difference. Excellent way to instill guests with the feeling they’re attending a royal garden party.

sperry sailcloth tent
Set the Mood

Selecting the proper lighting goes a long way to creating the environment. A chandelier brings an elegant balance to the rustic elements. String lighting provides a warm ambiance that transports you to strolling along cobblestone streets in the countryside of France.

Touch of Nature

Flowers can be used to compliment the event theme, enhance the atmosphere, and help guests feel relaxed and comfortable. With natural materials taking center stage throughout the countryside, there are many ways to incorporate florals and greenery for an event. Within the tent, draw eyes upward with cascading greenery creating a soft, natural look. Evoke the pleasant charms of the French countryside with chairs or tables adorned with luscious swag of greenery and baby’s breath. Lavender and baby blue florals mirror France’s natural colors and bring a sense of authenticity.

Tying it all Together

The brilliant aspect of designing an event with a European or French countryside feel is that you have the flexibility to make it unique. Mix-n-match, be playful, rustic, and elegant all at once. We hope our European Collection helps bring your vision to life. Explore our catalog and create a Mood Board today!

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