5 Curated Holiday Looks for
Easy Entertaining

5 Curated Holiday Looks for
Easy Entertaining

Rentals, Linens & Furnishings

Are you ready to take your holiday hosting to the next level? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ve got you covered with five meticulously curated looks that will transform any space into a winter wonderland. But we didn’t stop there – each look comes complete with furniture vignettes that will not only impress your guests but also make hosting a breeze. From cozy and rustic to elegant and modern, we’ve got something for every taste. So sit back, relax, and let us help you create the perfect ambiance for your holiday gatherings.

When your holiday table is #setbyselect, the season’s best is delivered to your doorstep and the cleanup can be left to us! Contact us to plan your dazzling holiday gathering today.

A Rustic Reverie

Step into the welcoming embrace of A Rustic Reverie’s curated tablescape, where warmth and homeliness effortlessly come together. Anchored by a dark wood Farm Table, the space exudes a comforting ambiance. The Stewart Plaid Linen gracing the table’s center adds a touch of timeless elegance, embodying rustic comfort.

A playful note is introduced with the {NEW} Ember Frost Napkin, intricately folded into a Christmas tree shape, stealing the spotlight above a trio of light-toned plates for a festive touch. Experience the essence of the season seamlessly integrated into the overall aesthetic. Compliment the look with the earth-toned Nature’s Grace furniture vignette.

Shop A Rustic Reverie table setting here.

Rustic Holiday Table setting with Farm Table with plaid linen down center and six table settings.
Berry Bright Christmas

Let vibrant elegance take over your table with our Berry Bright Christmas tablescape. With {NEW} Etched Velvet Magenta linen draped over the table, a beautiful Lilac Shantung Napkin, and Aurora Indigo glassware, this setting is a visual symphony of hues, offering a departure from traditional palettes while retaining a chic and festive allure. This curated masterpiece is tailored for those who seek a contemporary twist in their holiday celebrations, where chic sophistication intertwines with the vibrant holiday spirit.

To compliment and not compete the color pop of the tablescape, pair with the Neutrals furniture vignette.

Shop the Berry Bright Christmas look on our Moodboard.

holiday table setting with magenta velvet linen and clear and silver china and flatware.
Snowy Splendor

Enter the enchanting world of Snowy Splendor, where our curated tablescape transforms your celebration into a winter wonderland. This setting, a blend of elegance and frosty allure, envelops the table in a palette of white and silver, crafting a magical ambiance perfect for a snowy white holiday party.

Capturing the essence of a pristine winter’s day, the table sparks delicately with the touch of Portland Pewter linen gracefully draped over it. The union of white and silver elements imparts a sense of quiet beauty and sophistication, from the shimmering Halley Silver Base Plate to the silver embellished Gem Clear Flatware.

The Merry Mingle furniture Vignette compliments the snowy theme with its welcoming white sofa, embodying comfort and style. The Merry Mingle furniture vignette invites you to celebrate the season with a blend of sophistication and festive cheer. Enjoy the warmth and elegance of this inviting arrangement.

Dive into the Snowy Splendor look further here.

winter wonderland tablescape
Timeless Tidings

The Timeless Tidings table setting gives life to a true celebration of classic beauty and charm. To establish a soft and inviting foundation, the Velvet Meadow linen and Portland Ivory Napkin come together seamlessly. Transitioning into a rustic dimension, the Wilson Grey Base Plate, and elevating the scene with timeless grace, the Louis Cane Back Chair adds an extra layer of elegance, while the Cut Crystal Collection Glassware and Tusk Champagne Flatware contribute refined accents. Infusing a burst of color and vintage vibe, the Timeless Green China becomes a standout feature.

The Winter Whimsy furniture vignette completes the look, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere perfect for any occasion. Together, these elements create a setting that is both elegant and approachable, perfect for entertaining guests or spending quality time with loved ones.

Take a closer look at this tablescape here.

holiday table setting with moss green linen.
Gilded Midnight Glamour

The Gilded Midnight Glamour table setting is a stunning combination of sophistication and luxury. The Marble Black linen creates a bold and dramatic backdrop for the setting. The Ray Pearl Base Plate paired with the Peonies Gold China and State Black China bring an element of glamour and elegance to the table. The Flora II Collection Glassware and Cercle Black Chair provide a sleek and stylish look, while the Stiletto Gold Flatware adds a modern twist. The Luxe Living furniture vignette completes the look, creating a setting that is both chic and comfortable. Together, these elements create an enchanting holiday ambiance with the blend of dark and golden tones for a memorable and sophisticated holiday gathering.

Shop this stunning look now!

holiday table setting with marble black linen and gold elements
Expand your Hosting Area

Limited on indoor space? Expand your hosting area and create memorable holiday gatherings within a climate controlled tent. Consider incorporating Sperry Tents for all-weather celebrations, providing shelter without compromising on style.

For a cozy and inviting atmosphere, explore our outdoor seating options, ranging from chic lounge furniture to classic wooden chairs. Enhance the ambiance with our beautifully curated Furniture Vignettes, perfect for creating intimate corners where guests can gather and relax.

Combat the winter chill with our firepits, adding both warmth and charm to your outdoor setting. And don’t forget to set up a dedicated bar area with our stylish rental bars, creating a focal point for serving festive drinks and spreading holiday cheer. Take a look of these on our moodboard!

sperry sailcloth tent with seating arrangement infront during sunset
Complete the Vibe

To make your gathering extra special, consider the smells that make you think of the holidays. Making your own mulling spices using ingredients from your pantry is an easy and special way to bring the warm scents into your home! Simple recipes such a this one can be used for your home and also has a lovely holiday gift. These little touches can make your place feel warm and nostalgic, creating a festive vibe.

Add soft and warm lighting with fairy lights, flameless candles, or lanterns for a visually stunning touch. Not only do they make the place look festive, but also create a cozy and intimate setting for your guests to enjoy.

And for a cherry on top, consider playing this Cozy Christmas Jazz music playlist. It’s the perfect background for a cozy and welcoming vibe. Let the festive tunes bring an extra dose of joy to your celebration.

holiday table setting with nature elements like plants, flowers, pine cones
Let’s Chat!

In the spirit of the season, let’s remember that an elegantly arranged table isn’t just an arrangement of décor; it’s a canvas upon which we paint moments of joy, laughter, and shared warmth. The importance of creating a memorable experience for our guests is paramount, and these curated settings provide the backdrop for cherished gatherings. Designed with care and attention, these tablescapes check off items from your holiday to-do list, making the festive season a little easier and a lot more magical. So, as you embark on your holiday preparations, may these curated settings bring not only visual allure but also the ease and joy that make the season truly special.

Contact us today and visit one of our gorgeous Design Studios in any of our branch locations throughout Maryland and Virginia. discover the festive possibilities that will make your holiday celebration truly memorable. Let the magic begin with Select Event Group.

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