Styles and Specs

Here at Select, we take pride in our ability to respond quickly to the needs of our clients and their events.  Our diverse inventory of tent, structure and accessory options allows us to meet those needs with the highest level of professionalism. If we do not have an 'off-the-shelf' option, we specialize in customized solutions as well.

Select's Double Decker platform was specially designed to be more versatile than other systems currently on the market. The platform can be built in widths beginning with 7.5m (24.5') and increasing in 2.5m (8') increments to meet your needs. Our platform was also specially designed to receive any of our structures to enclose the second level. The double decker can be built with recessed porches, interior/exterior stairways and many other options. The platform is engineered to current ASCE standards.


The Olympic Series is designed to be stronger than other structures of similar size and beam profile on the market. With a profile of 337mm in height, our beam adds around 1.5 pounds of aluminum per linear foot to the more common 334mm on the market. Available in widths of 30m (100'), 40m (132') and 50m (164'), and a side upright height of 4m (13') or 5m (16'), the Olympic Series is perfect for your largest event needs! The Olympic is engineered to current ASCE standards.


Our High Peak style tents offer a look similar to the more traditional pole tents but with no interference inside of the tent uprights and with the stability of a frame tent. Whether you are looking for a tent option for concessions, vendors, tailgating or backyard parties, the high peak takes you a step above the expected!


Select offers a wide range of accessories to compliment your tenting/structure needs. From glass wall, heat and air conditioning, to portable restroom trailers, we have you covered! Browse our gallery below to see some of what we can offer you.

Technical Specifications

In addition to our physical inventory, we maintain a digital library of technical resources ranging from photographs of our equipment, to engineering documents, to detailed CAD drawings and renderings of each part and piece in our inventory. Your Client Service Team is always there to answer any technical questions and provide any resources needed to satisfy engineering requirements.

We are in the process of expanding this part of our website to include information and pictures specific to each of our tent and structure styles. Thank you for your patience while we make these enhancements-- We look forward to working with you! 

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